Semi-Custom IMCD Web Designs – Hybrids Ease Website Creation Process

May 31, 2010

For business owners looking for their first or a new professional web design, semi-custom template sites are an effective and cost-effective bridge step to a totally custom web design. In any web design and website development process, four key steps take place: keyword/market research, web design creation, web content development and website launch. Starting with a semi-custom web design makes it possible to cost effectively move through these steps to launch a professional site in a short period of time.

How does a hybrid web design, utilizing the elements of graphic design found on custom sites and the ready web content of a template website, best meet a company’s online marketing needs in a very competitive online environment?

1. By investing in a semi-custom web design template, you benefit from adapting a ready, professionally designed layout with your personal logos, photos and graphic images. Your brand is supported and promoted, not overshadowed, by the web design’s graphic layout.

2. With a navigation and web content areas outlined, you aren’t forced to reinvent the wheel deciding what content is necessary to sell the sizzle. IMCD Web Design has years of experience working with business owners on the best way to market their company’s products and services. The essential pages of a business web design are included in the template. These two areas greatly reduce the cost and time needed to take your web design from inception to completion.

3. With the savings in resources gained by customizing a professional web design, business owners gain by a greater focus on the search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword research. Template designs that offer SEO as an option do a disservice to their customers. Since not all web designers understand the power of a solid SEO strategy, it is short-sighted to assume business owners maxed out tending to their business’ needs will learn, much less master, the level of SEO knowledge necessary for their website to be competitive in the search engine results.

4. Finally, by utilizing a web design company’s hosting option, the burden of being your own webmaster is shifted to the pros who know how to secure your site from hackers and defeat websites that would steal your bandwidth (and drive up your hosting costs) by accessing your images for their websites.

IMCD Web Designs semi-custom website design option allows business owners to improve their online sale lead generation or product sales effectiveness without going through the school of hard knocks. Contact our sales department to safely move your online marketing into an effective professional web design.

Does Your Business Web Design Meet New Web Design Standards?

May 3, 2010

Is your business’ professional website design ready for the new web design standards…and how do web design standards affect your business? First, how do web designs affect your business – in the short run not much, it is the long term changes that may render parts of your web design invisible or not as you envisioned. Web design standards are used by web designers to develop web site designs and by browser creators for the next version of how their browser will show your website’s code.

The timeline for change is set by the adaptation of the newer browser versions. Newer browsers will not always stay backwards compatible to the older codes. Two of the biggest changes is the greater use of cascading style sheets (CSS) to remove all style directions – like font size and color – off the page and create stricter standards for how the code that creates the architecture is written. IMCD Web Designs has always kept its web designs current with the web design standards as well as keeping an eye on changes that are on the horizon. Our latest semi-custom website templates for small business and our real estate web designs are based on the latest standards, giving our customers peace of mind that their investments won’t be in need of overhauls in the future.

The latest ripple in the web design standard pond is how Adobe’s Flash slide shows and videos will fare in the new HTML 5 standard. Apple Computers created their latest iPads without adding Flash. The good news for businesses is that Flash is not the only slide show software on the market. Businesses can still use slide shows to parade their products without needing to utilize Flash, so while Adobe and the web design standards experts wrangle over issues, your professional web design can continue to be rendered correctly in the Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari web browsers.

For the best of professional websites that are developed and validated to the latest web design standards – as well as visually pleasing, search engine optimized and targeted to your niche market – contact our expert designers at IMCD Web Design. Invest today in your professional web design that will market well tomorrow and for years to come.